Breast milk can even dry? Know when it happens and how to avoid

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Breastfeeding a child is an important time for mothers, but also a time of many questions, especially regarding the possibility of the milk not be sufficient or even the dried milk, making it impossible for breastfeeding happen.

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The gynecologist and obstetrician Maria Elisa Noriler says that the fundamental point for women to get breast-feeding is to keep the balance and not get stressed if the amount of milk is not good in the early days of breastfeeding. And even if the milk does not go down in the early days, it does not mean that the woman will have no milk. "It is worth repeating because some women breast milk begins only after 72 hours"He says.

Problems with breastfeeding

Breast milk can dry 2ThinkstockEla also explains that milk never completely dry, only there is a decrease. "When breast handle is not well targeted, the baby sucks only the nipple and then the milk output is small, but some mothers get very stressed with the situation and immediately introduce a bottle. And the shorter the time of sucking the baby, lower milk production"He says. In other words: the more the baby nurses, the greater the incentive to production, and the less nurse, will reduce the amount of milk.

According to the doctor, the only situation that can effectively compromise the production of breast milk is the breast reduction surgery, as there are some section of mammary ducts. Since factors such as silicone implants, breast size, among others, do not interfere. "Only 2% of women do not breastfeed their children"He says.

Preventing dry milk

Some accessories can be combined in such cases, as the puffer and the silicone tip. "Sometimes the breast fills a lot and the baby can not empty there, so the breast pump helps to prevent breast get too turgid and will have mastitis, an infection that happens due to cracks in the breasts"He says. Since the silicone tip is indicated for those with inverted nipple.Breast milk can dryThinkstock

She also advises women to remain calm and assured that the maternal milk will increase with time. And even those who insist in every way and have a small production, requiring supplement with formula milk should always prioritize the offer within the first 15 minutes and only then complement. Another tip is to insist on overhydration by drinking plenty of water and tea as the fennel. If there are prescription, drugs that increase the hormone prolactin can also be taken.

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