Revenue pineapple with coconut truffle

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THE Pineapple truffle recipe with coconut yields approximately 60 portions.

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Revenue pineapple truffle cake with coconut

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• 500 g of milk chocolate

• box 1 without whey cream (250 g)

• 1 spoon (soup) of essence of pineapple

• 1 spoon (soup) of honey


• 1 peeled and chopped pineapple and niggling

• 4 cups (tea) sugar

• 1 grated coconut package (100g)


• 500 g of milk chocolate

Way of doing

To make the dough, light the fire sour cream, leave until it begins to boil, remove from heat and add chocolate milk and finely chopped strand until it melts completely and then place the remaining ingredients. Let cool and light the refrigerator to stand firm at the point of being able to open by hand to fill power. Wrap them and bathe. For the filling, peel the pineapple cut it well choosy, so that it easy dismantling. Place in a pan with the other ingredients, go stirring until it is well ascertained that pulls away from the pan and book cool and light the refrigerator, until to roll. For the topping, melt the milk chocolate and stir until cool, then soak the truffles. 

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