Low back pain during menstruation: know if it is normal and you feel

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Studies indicate that approximately 65% ​​of women suffer from cramping during the menstrual period, characterized by symptoms such as severe pain in the lower belly, headaches, fatigue, nausea, among others. Some even feel discomfort in the legs and lower back. But you know why this happens?

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Learn more about the pains and annoyances during the menstrual cycleThinkstockSaiba more about the pains and annoyances during the menstrual cycle

When the menstruating woman, the blood also goes into the abdominal cavity, but some women can not completely eliminate the waste that end up sticking and accumulating in organs, and not disposal, can compress nerves and cause lower back pain.

In addition to betting on specific drugs colic, the pain can be combated with a healthy diet and physical exercise. In the case of lower back pain during menstruation, women may also experience relief with hot water bottle in the region and stretching muscles that work the lower back and pelvis.

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