What is eco-gastronomy?

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The ecological and sustainable wave exceeds the environmental area and reaches the kitchen. Concerned about a healthier diet, gastronomy win an eco footprint. Trend that invades restaurants, eco-gastronomy advocates using ingredients without chemicals and pesticides in their cultivation.

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"The eco-gastronomy is already being practiced at present. THE natural food It can become self-sustaining. Prepare these organic and artisan food, collected in his garden or purchased in its neighbors and with a gourmet touch, is everything a chef could want, "says the chef Maria Olimpia Cardoso Fortes, restaurant and hostel Farm Honey, there are 28 years moved to Visconde de Mauá in order to practice ecology.

Eco-gastronomy and health

Long time the most natural food is part of routine who cares about nature and health. "The power is directly linked to health. We are what we eat, "says Strong. The balance of the body can get the mouth and choice than consuming part of this process. "This power gives the body the necessary ingredients to balance: vitamins, proteins, minerals and calcium are essential to the body. Preserve our health and the environment, "he explains.

how to identify

For the consumer to be aware, it is important to know the origin of food and how they are produced. "Before purchasing a product, read the package and give preference to organic products who knows the origin. Or go to restaurants that care about the quality of food being offered, "guides the chef

Organic products, though a bit more expensive, are gaining consumer preference. "It is women who seek and consume more organic foods. It took a while to develop ecological awareness, a green way of thinking. But gradually, this is changing. They are small changes in habits such as changing common for electronic lamps, always look for packaging that can be recycled and avoid wasting water. Even for those who live in big cities. As we change our lives, abandoning the big city and come to the country, others are also doing, "says Maria Olimpia.

green economy

In Honey Farm's farming organic garden, raising ducks and chickens, living in an appropriate loose terrain and also feed with corn, leaves, organic food leftovers. "We took advantage of our whole organic waste, and in animal feed or turning it into compost. We separate and recycle all waste on the farm. We collect an apiary where a wild and pure and organic honey. What we produce do not buy the producers in the region, moving the green local economy. So our breakfast is all produced on the farm, milk, cheese, yogurt, cakes, breads, jams made at home with the farm fruits. "

Honey Farm
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