Cleaning the bathroom: 3 Easy Tips

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There is nothing more enjoyable than a good clean and smelling house. To make your bathroom clinking without making much effort, we have prepared some easy cleaning tips, that will make all the difference on a daily basis.

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How to clean grout

The constant humidity in the bathroom makes the grout between tiles floors and sludge accumulate. To avoid this process, just use hot water, sodium bicarbonate solution and a stiff bristle brush to clean between coats.

The power of removal of baking fats, together with the high temperature of the water is an easy and little aggressive cleaning toilets. For easier cleaning, use water from the shower itself during the process.

Cleaning the box

To remove the stains of the box and let the squeaky clean glass, start cleaning all surface with a soft sleeve, neutral detergent and hot water. Clean inside and out, and if the spots persist, use a product a little more abrasive as remover.

A valuable tip to avoid water stains on the box is passing a thin layer of wax for cars, or stone floors, glass. Spread the product and following the instructions on the package and allow to dry for a few minutes. The wax will isolate the glass of water, thus avoiding the undesirable stains.

Tips to clean the toilet

For cleaning the toilet, use a cloth only for this task, so the bathroom the rest do not run the risk of becoming contaminated. First, play a little bleach into the vessel, scrub the sides with a chuck and pull the discharge for rinsing. It is extremely important to be using disposable gloves during the process.

Then wipe the outside using sodium bicarbonate, hot water and a soft cloth to remove odors and bacteria in the area. Clean trash and other tableware pieces and bathroom stone, using the same procedure.

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