Domitila will be mistress of Dom Pedro in “New World”: when you enter the story?

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Those who follow "new Mundthe "novel of the 18h of Globo, should be familiar with a character that is not yet definitely fit in the narrative: Domitila (Agatha Moreira).

The young woman, who is married to the official Guard Felicio (Bruce Gomlevsky), will be one of the lovers of Don Pedro (Caio Castro) - but its story promises much controversy before his involvement with the royal family.

History of Domitilla "New World"

Domitila know after the passage of time four years takes place in the "New World". The character, who lives in São Paulo, appears fleeing Felicio because it is constantly beaten and raped by her husband, in addition to having multiple affairs.

Still, we watch conversations of the young - who has two children fruit of his relationship with Felicio - with her sister, Benedicta (Larissa Bracher), who scolds her for having left home.

In the fight for divorce and for custody of the children with Felicio, Domitila know Pun (Romulo Estrela), secretary of Don Pedro that helps the girl in the situation. However, the friend of Don Pedro falls in love for the young and the two end up having an affair.

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Knowing about the proximity of Pun with the prince, Domitila pensa of using it to get closer to Dom Pedro. For this, she says she needs the help of the ruler to get rid of marriage, it is the victim's husband accused of adultery and home abandonment. Using all his charm, she asks the secretary to take her to Rio de Janeiro.

Domitila and Pedro are lovers

And it seems that many changes will happen in the life of Domitilla when it starts to get closer to Dom Pedro. Among the achievements of the girl, she will meet Thomas (Gabriel Braga Nunes) and will combine the minister to conquer the prince. However, the duo's plans go awry when she fall in love for real by the conductor.

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Going literally trash the luxury, Domitila will become mistress of Don Pedro, who is married to Leopoldina (Letícia Colin). Future owner of the title of Marquesa de Santos, the young will be rich and will live with all the perks that the prince can offer you.

However, the character will be hated by the Brazilian people - who loves the princess Leopoldina - who will know that Domitila's Emperor lover of Brazil, and it will still spoil the friendship between Don Pedro and best friend Pun. Apparently, the girl will bring much intrigue to the plot of 18h!

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