Hydration top with oil for frizzy hair, curly or dry chemical with

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The wildcard hydration, which is suitable for any type of hair, it takes only natural ingredients. Honey, which returns the softness, is rich in vitamins and amino acids. And two wetting vegetable oils which will also help to nourish define the clusters and those returning brightness chemically treated yarn or too dry.

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The revenue that is shared by blogger Rayza Nicácio, owner of the clusters defined and most coveted of the internet, it is simple. Mix a tablespoon of each ingredient: olive oil, coconut oil, honey and your favorite moisturizing mask.

"I recommend heat a little olive oil in the microwave or in a water bath for 5 minutes just to facilitate absorption in the hair"Says Rayza. Mix everything and after washing the hair with shampoo only (and untangle the bath, if you prefer, but always before washing to avoid wire breakage), apply for strand by strand.

hydration with oil blogger 2Play Youtube Rayza NicácioApós glove strand by strand, make rolls with the hair to avoid contact of the mixture with air

Enluve and well massage smallest divisions of hair, and wrap to prevent contact with the wire already softener with air. After applying throughout the hair, always avoiding the region very close to the root, place a thermal cap and leave it for 30 minutes.

At the time of closing, wash gently not to remove all moisture. Do not overdo the amount of shampoo and finish with conditioner. If your hair is superdry, you can rinse thoroughly with running water and apply conditioner only.

See how simple it is step by step:

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