How did the body of Leandro Hassum after bariatric: photos + routine details

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Comedian actor Leandro Hassum after bariatric surgery, have lost weight 65 kilos. But it is not only the reason of his physical transformation. Hassum has also adopted new eating habits and dedicated in the mood to a routine and frequent regrados exercise. So, he has impressed his followers on Instagram with photos showing defined muscles and belly sagging almost none - which is quite common in those who lose weight too.

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Leandro Hassum diet

In an interview with Ana Maria Braga program, the actor explained that he has not suffered dietary restrictions, because underwent bariatric surgery. "My diet is more selective, I choose I have more desire to eat. But like everything. As my sweet, my chocolate, I take wine. And as less, "he said.

Hj 62 kilos then. #victory

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Eat less and well select foods is the secret. And with that, the actor has focused on winning lean body mass, which means, basically, replace fat with muscle. This is possible with many exercises and consuming good carbs and enough protein, which is essential to recover the muscles after activity and thus make it grow.

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Hassum has a routine of daily physical activity that includes aerobic training and a lot of weight.


It's Sunday? IT IS. I'm on tour? Yes. But I'm on the team @niel_gb a black belt to help me in training. Thank you brother, partner master for life. Love you bro. @dietfitnessoficial @vulkturismo @graciebarrataquararj

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Fights are great to wipe a few extra pounds and achieve eliminate fat. This is because this type of exercise moves the entire body and is very intense, providing a high caloric expenditure. One of the biggest examples and darling of the academies, the Muay Thai slims up to one thousand calories per class.


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Contrary to what many people think, weight training helps you lose weight and it is essential to keep fit. Anaerobic exercise even has a more significant outcome regarding caloric expenditure. In addition, it helps to metabolize fat, which is much more effective for weight loss than just sweat with aerobic exercise. This is the great secret of sequinho body Hassum after losing much weight.

Running and walking

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Who knows practice: running is incredible to lose calories and define the body, especially the legs. What not everyone believes is that often the walk can be more effective than the race. Depending on how you practice it, you can achieve even better results. With the Power Walk, for example, it is possible to lose more in less time.

Surfing and Stand Up Paddle

Hj was day Surf #robinisurfteam #longboard #surf #surfingphotography

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The Surf and SUP (Stand Up Puddle) in which you use a paddle to "to browse" on the board in calm waters are great for keeping the body active and help strengthen the legs.

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