Deflate the body fast: 4 surefire tips to fine-tune before important events

rapid deflate 2

It came an important party and feeling bloated body? Know that some diet tricks can help deflate fast and get into the dress without sacrifices. See what:

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liquid diet

Maintain a liquid diet can help lower abdominal volume and water retention in the body. To follow it, try to replace one of the main meals and snacks intermediate liquid-healthy foods such as soups nourishing and detoxifying juices.

Important: The liquid diet should not be made for more than two days and at the slightest sign of weakness or malaise, should be stopped immediately.

Food diuretics to deflate

Lowering the salt retention combating

The salt is an aggravating swelling in the body, therefore, decrease the amount for these day detox it is fundamental. In addition to the method, drinking water should be a constant exercise.

homemade lymphatic drainage

Besides food, massages to deflate also help in the process. Step homemade lymphatic drainage step can be followed soon after bathing and using creams that carry active ingredients against cellulite formulation - Caffeine is one of them, for example.

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