Krav Maga: self defense helps women fight to protect

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A recent report revealed that in 2012, cases of rapes in Brazil exceeded in absolute numbers, the murders (when there is intent to kill). The 7th Annual Brazilian Public Security, the Brazilian Forum on Public Security showed that assaults against women has reached the milestone of 50.617 occurrences in the year against 47,136 murders.

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The number may be even higher if many cases of women abused and do not pay complaint for fear or shame are considered. O Krav Maga, form of Israeli self-defense, can be a weapon for women who feel insecure given the current scenario and seek effective ways to defend themselves.

What is Krav Maga

Only recognized as fight self-defense, and not martial arts, the sport consists of techniques of simple, rapid and objective responses to situations violence day to day. No competitions, only the development of techniques that allow any private citizen to defend, regardless of physical strength, age or gender.

"There is an effort on our part to show the female audience that the practice of Krav Maga differs from the combat sports, which nowadays are in fashion for the benefits to fitness"Explains Master Kobi Lichtenstein, founder of the South American Federation of Krav Maga (FSAKM), the only official representative of the sport in Brazil.

Mode allows women to defend themselves from possible aggressions (Thinkstock)


He says, training can convey to practitioners the various possibilities of defense for each type of aggression situation. "From the physical point of view, the principle of this mode of defense is that the exercises are enforceable by any person, at their own pace, respecting the limit of your body. Still, there is the stimulus for students to exercise daily"Explains the master.

Already from the psychological point of view, the method is also effective in training people safer. The master argues that when women discover that, despite not having the same physical strength of man, are able to defend themselves in a simple and efficient way, they gain confidence.

Finally, the fight is also a way to improve the perception in general and to acquire a closer behavior on the streets, in public places or even at home, when there is a risk with a potentially offending partner, for example. "The Krav Maga develops in women and in all its practitioners respect for life, for yourself and your opponent, which makes the view of the risk is modified"He says.

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