Bread Churros form: delicious, easy and VERY without lot of work in the kitchen

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The toast-churros recipe shared by youtuber Luiza Gomes EuCapricho channel is easy, fast and cheap. You just need white bread, eggs and milk to tarnish, sugar and cinnamon for pastry (if desired) and a filling of your choice. Besides the sweet milk, most common in churros, you can try cream of hazelnuts, peanut butter, jellies and even fruit.

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French toast recipe Churros


  • Sliced ​​bread shape shelled
  • Milk
  • 2 eggs
  • Sweet milk, peanut butter or nutella
  • essence vanilla, cinnamon and sugar (optional)

Method of preparation

Take sliced ​​bread shelled, knead well each slice with a rolling pin or pasta (if not, you can use a bottle or glass to glass). Let thinly slice and all equal thickness, pass your favorite filling (recipe that was used fresh milk), while preserving an edge and roll.

Beat two eggs in a container, and in another, add a few drops of vanilla extract to the milk. Heat a pan with oil, dip the churros in milk, then in beaten egg quickly (to be with little taste of gems) and only leads to frying when the oil is already hot.

Be careful because the form of bread browns pretty quickly. Turn to brown on both sides and when taking the oil, let rest on paper towels.

The last step is to ensure churros coverage to French toast. Prepare a plate with sugar and cinnamon and pass the rolls in this mixture.

Watch the step by step Luiza Gomes:

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