Is it love or attachment? exciting video will change your way of relating; watch

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"Ideally people should join already feeling filled by themselves and get together to just enjoy it the other instead of waiting for the other above the feeling of well being that they are not alone". The statement is Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo, Englishwoman who at age 20 went to live in India, he lived 12 years in retreat in a cave, was ordained in Tibetan Buddhism and is now one of the nuns responsible for the monastery.

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His words on difference between romantic love and genuine love They are part of a recorded video and released by the online space "The place", Which aims to deepen the paths of human transformation in relation to the mind, body, relationships, education and work.

"The problem is that we are always confusing the idea of ​​love with attachment. We imagine that attachment we have in relation demonstrate that love. But the attachment causes us pain, because the more we cling, the more we are afraid to lose. And if we lose fact, we suffer. Genuine love says' I love you so I want you to be happy; to include me, great, if not include me, I just want your happiness", she says.

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