ideal model bikini hide flab and values ​​of body shapes


Printed, the shower curtain, strapless, colorful bikinis ... The models are the most varied possible. With so many options it is difficult to choose which model to buy. But what many women do not know is that the right model values ​​the body and highlights what is most beautiful in silhouettes.

"wide hips women should focus on the bottom of the bikini with the side a bit wider to not squeeze the fats. Part of patterned or striped top and smooth down is a great option. Thus deflected looks for the most part of the body and makes focus on the bust"Says the designer Ana Sousa.

According to her, women with large breasts should invest in half-cup bra with hoop to give support. "The top darker and small prints can contrast with the bottom clearer and larger prints. This diverts the attention of the bust to the lower body"Explains Ana Sousa.

For women with little breasts tip is to invest in bikinis bulge. They fill the breast and give the impression of a larger volume. Avoid strapless, they decrease the breasts. "In the summer the trend will be the colorful prints with ruffles going all the bikini. They give volume to the breasts and are beautiful in a woman's body", Says the designer.

See the gallery some famous bikini and inspire to us models to enter the summer in fashion.


Veridiana Freitas, former affair of Gusttavo Lima bet on frill to make up the bikini. The model rocked the school in addition to valuing your body, color highlighted its color.


Nivea Stelmann used the shower curtain wide straps with a little bulge and hoop to give support. At the bottom, the actress bet on the tie knotted and hanging fabric. A good option for those who do not want to draw attention and model disguises the extra flab.


Mariah Rocha combined turquoise blue with black. This type of combination makes the clearest part of the bikini overlaps darker. A great combination, Mariah!


Lívia Lemos, former girlfriend of Ronaldo Fenômeno, bet on printed bikini. Prints thus create an optical illusion on the part of the body enhancing it further.


Katiuska Glesse, canditada Miss Butt bet on a panty a little dug, which gives the impression of more elongated legs. Perfect for those with wide hips.

Karina BacchiAgnews

Karina Bacchi bet on a top with wide straps and V neckline, ideal for those with large breasts. The actress bet on a shorts with belt of the dress colors. It was beautiful!

Karen SousaAgnews

Caren Souza did not resist the Carioca heat. The show's host "Malice" I bet on a shower curtain bikini with mooring at the bottom. A great choice for those who, like her, is a little overweight.

Deborah SeccoShutterstock

Deborah Secco showed that it is well with the balance. With the shaped body, the actress bet on only the front side bikini with mooring at the bottom. A great choice for those who have small hips.

Dani BananinhaShutterstock

Dany Bananinha is fashionable for the summer. She backed the orange (color trend will be in the next season) and ruffles at the top of the bikini. This model increases and enhances the bust.

Bia and BrancaAgnews

Bia and Branca, synchronized swimmers for Brazil took a day off and were enjoying the sunshine. Bia bet bikini monochrome (single color) with mooring at the bottom of the side. White already used a dark tone with small prints, enhancing the bust and hips. Great bet, girls!


Bel Kutner bet in stripes and colored to sunbathe in Rio de Janeiro. The actress wore large pieces both at the top as on the bottom. The composition combined with the body of Bel, is not it?


Andrea Andrade blended in the same bikini prints and stripes. The Queen of Empire samba school Battery Casa Verde invested at the bottom with wider straps to avoid marking the side flab and showed that it is shaped to shine on the avenue during Carnival.


Mayana Neiva bet on prints and ruffles at the bottom of the bikini, further enhancing the hip of the actress. In the top, Mayana invested in a strapless light shade. A great model option for those who have the bust larger than the hip.

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