Amount of water per day: the calculation reveals how YOU should drink

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Drinking water seems to be one of the simplest commitments that you should have with your health, but err on consumption and not reach the optimal amount of water per day It is more common than it seems. Are you drinking the right amount? Discover below.

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Calculate the amount of water per day

The nutritionist Fulvia Gomes Hazarabedian, academia Bio Ritmo, explains that the recommended is that women drink 2.7 liters of water per day.

One of the factors that can alter the measure is the weight, so a calculation is designed to estimate the volume of water needed for each person.

This account mathematics considers are needed 35 ml of water for kg of body weight, this way, you need to multiply your weight in kilograms by 35 to get the result in milliliters, for example:

- 70 kg = 2,450 X 35 mL to 2 liters and 450 ml.

amount of water per day 2thinkstockVocê your time doing exercises? Weigh yourself before and after training to know how much liquid lost.

How much water to drink each day doing physical exercise

Whom his lot to do exercise or live in very hot places need to increase the intake of water. The amount of weight lost through sweating can be measured daily or before and after training. Each half a kilo unless the scale corresponds to 480 to 500 ml of sweat and the same amount must be replaced with water.

According to the Guidelines of the Brazilian Society of Sports Medicine, who does exercises should take 250-500 ml of water two hours before exercise. During the year, it is recommended to drink water early on and every 15 or 20 minutes. The volume varies according to the amount of sweat, and may be 500 ml to 2 liters.

Too much water is bad?

healthy people are able to excrete excess water without causing imbalance of minerals like sodium and potassium in the body. For this reason, there is a limit of water consumption.

amount of water for 3 daysthinkstockEm extreme cases, the filtering capacity of the kidneys is exceeded.

However, called acute toxicity to water can occur when large amounts of water are ingested in a short time. In this case the speed is exceeded with the kidney capable of filtering that is 0.7 to 1 liter per minute. This does not mean that you can not drink more than 700 ml of water per hour, since much of the water you drink is used in body processes such as the production of sweat and blood volume.

In such cases, important minerals will be at lower levels than the appropriate and they are important for many bodily functions, several problems may arise. As an example, cramps, changes in blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmias until cardiac arrest.

* Source: Guidelines of the Brazilian Society of Sports Medicine / National Research Council. Dietary Reference Intakes for Water, Potassium, Sodium, Chloride, and Sulfate. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press, 2005.

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