11 facts about the underrated film “Street Fighter”

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THE 1990s attended the popularity of videogames grow and, consequently, the birth of first adaptations for film, among which stand out "Street Fighter" (1994), a film as associated with this season as well as its protagonists, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Raúl Júliá.

Over time, the film became a funny memory for some, who remember with affection and admiration, and a joke for those who find the production of bad quality and his exaggerated tone irreparable unreality.

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Many years have passed, but the movies based on videogames games have not ceased to be attractive and the charm of the original stories continue checking the list of cinemas with consoles. Check out the following 11 interesting facts of achievement and the launch of "Street Fighter":# 11 critical Attack
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The film was panned at the time of its release, speaking things like "nor Van Damme fans will enjoy this failure"Or" it is a poorly edited sequence of martial arts and unintelligible dialogue. "# 10 Good Hearing
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Despite the criticism, the production was a success. Your budget was US $ 35 million, with a collection of almost US $ 100 million.# 9 Inspiration and changes

The film was based on the game "Street Fighter II", released in 1991, a better and more popular version. To the big screen, the plot had to be changed as well as the motivation of some characters, but managed to make one of the saga lighter and entertaining plot.# 8 Raúl Juliá
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Though not the most famous, actor Raúl Juliá accepted the role at the request of his sons. He had stomach cancer at the time and had a lot of pain during the recordings. He died two months before the premiere of the film, which was dedicated to him.# 7 evil paid
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Jean-Claude Van Damme and Raúl Juliá were the protagonists and received the highest salaries of production. It was so much money that the other characters were played by virtually unknown actors because the company had no money to finance the rest of the team.# 6 Kylie Minogue

Australian pop singer who played Cammy It was one of those low-paid actresses.# 5 Director
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The director was Steven E. De Souza, who agreed to release part of their salary to pay for the other actors. He described the film as a mix of "Star Wars", "James Bond" and war production.# 4 Adaptations

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Despite the poor reception that the film had, shortly after its launch DC Comics published a comic based on the production, "Street Fighter: The Battle for Shadoloo".# 3 Important Decisions
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Jean-Claude Van Damme He declined an invitation to play the role of Johnny Cage, in the movie "Mortal Kombat", to be able to "Street Fighter".Sequence # 2

The production of the second film began in 2003 but was never realized. It was there that, in 2009, Universal Studios decided to launch a reboot, "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li", which tells the story of the character. For many, It was worse than the original.# 1 Overeating


Jean-Claude Van Damme assumed consumed huge amounts of cocaine during movie recording. He was hooked in the 1990s, when he revealed that he spent about $ 10,000 a week and consumed about 10 grams per day because of work stress and the pressure of fame. Another bombshell revelation was that he had a extramarital romance with Kylie Minogue at the time of filming.

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