Your toothbrush is full of fecal coliforms if you do these six things

as teeth cleaning brush 2Thinkstock

as teeth cleaning brush 2Thinkstock

The bathroom is a multi-purpose location: it you shower, brush your teeth and use the toilet. Mix these activities, despite being considered common, it is not such a good idea as well. This is because bacteria poop can spread through space and reach the toothbrush. But you can keep it quite clean by avoiding some bad habits.

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Brush teeth full of bacteria: 6 grounds

Discharge with the cover open

When you turn the discharge, the vessel fires a jet of water that generates impact on the water that gets accumulated in the part of the background and causes many of the bacteria "fly" out. Close the lid prevents this from happening. Another tip: there should be one meter distance between the toilet and the sink.

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Wipes the toothbrush with towel

When you do not wash your hands right and wipes the towel, you are leaving some bacteria. To wipe the brush on the cloth, bacteria also proliferate to the bristles.

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Guard in a muffled box

The sum of humidity and heat makes your toothbrush a perfect place for bacteria to form a colony. The ideal is to hit the cable in the sink and store them in a cool place.

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Leaves above the sink

If the vessel is close to the sink, the aerosol fired bacteria during discharge will reach the bristles on the head. In that case, look more airy cabinet is the best option.

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Never clean the brush

In addition to the teeth, clean toothpaste also brush? None of that. The dentist Marcelo Pimenta directs an antiseptic spray on the bristles after each use, the most suitable product for this is chlorhexidine 0.12%, found in pharmacies.

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Guard along with other brushes

Not everyone has hygiene specimens like yours. If the bristles of your brush touch the bristles of his most careless relative, all your precautions go down the drain.

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