Menu without expensive and easy to follow food: copy diet tuned 12 kg of Petra Mattar

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The singer Petra Mattar, 21, lost 12 kilos in three months and spent the dummy 42 to 36. She still wants to lose weight over one kilogram and reach 55kg. In an interview with the site Ego, the girl says good shape helped self-esteem and shares some of her diet secrets.

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Daughter Maurício Mattar and Fabiana Sá, Petra Mattar, confessed that he always suffered from weight cycling. This, incidentally, is not the first time that Petra lose weight many kilos in a short time.

"I want to get used to eating this way forever"He explains. Although the diet not be new to her, Petra gave an account "increased". "Always cut lactose, gluten, flour, frying, fat and sugar. The rest is all normal, like rice and beans and stuff. Only now have many more options in the market to buy and facilitate the day to day, right? I put coconut oil at all, for example"She laughs.

At other times, the singer says that made diet and fitness at the same time. And despite knowing it was trading fat for muscle, I could not see much difference in body and balance. "So this time I made sure to only lose weight with diet same. If I can give advice, it would be: 'try to stay a month doing the straight-laced diet because you will notice the difference in your body and it will give you courage and gas to continue"Teaches.

petra mattar diet Cardapio 2reproduçãoPetra Mattar uses the strategy to have a day of trash to eat what you want the same diet

Do not stop "freak out", The singer uses the trash day strategy. "12 in 12 days as something you want too, which is normally McDonald's because I'm addicted. My body is no longer used to burn fat, so when as he burns fast because you think I'll go back to eating rubbish. 've got to weigh a kilo less after trash day and after eating McDonald's."

The Ego site, she exemplified a day of its menu. Look:

Menu Petra Mattar


  • Lactose-free milk with instant coffee and brown sugar
  • Tapioca or oatmeal with peanut butter

Oats controls hunger because it has slower absorption in the body. It is rich in soluble fiber, which stay longer in the stomach and to become a gel attracting sugar and fat molecules, which are eliminated through feces. You can consume it in the form of flour, to prepare pancakes and even mass 'tarts' sweet fit. Only 60 grams per day helps you lose weight and reduce by 16% the bad cholesterol and diabetes.


  • brown rice, beans, chicken or meat and lots of lettuce grelados

Replace white rice by whole is an efficient exchange. Half a cup of whole grain contains 1.7 grams of resistant starch, a healthy carbohydrate, which helps the metabolism to burn fat and provides enough energy. To complete feeling of prolonged fullness for longer, always consumed with beans.

Afternoon snack

  • Some fruit (banana, apple, watermelon or papaya)

Have a dinner

  • Grilled Chicken Salad


  • oatmeal

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