Lazy to apply makeup? 6 practical and quick tips to produce without work

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Just thinking about stopping to put on makeup you already feel that laziness? Then know that it is quite possible to produce very well in minutes, using a few products and without too much hassle. A tip for do the makeup soon It is betting on some exchanges and smart techniques that facilitate the process.

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How to apply makeup in a short time

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Bet on the BB cream with various functions in a single product, BB cream can help you skip the step of passing base, concealer and compact. In addition to replacing these products - at least for the day to day - cosmetic helps to moisturize the skin and has even with sun protection factor.

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Use strong lipsticks When using a lipstick bright color - may be a red or pink, for example - you diverts the focus of the rest of the makeup. When you are too lazy to produce, this trick will make it look like you spent a lot more time making up.

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Smoky brown Very fast and easy to do, the smoky brown gives a sophisticated touch to makeup without you having to take work. Apply a brown shade and slightly concave near the esfume.

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Much mask lashes The mascara is able to make you look very well produced. Spend several layers to stay with the longer and voluminous lashes as possible. Tip: Apply the product very close to the root to create the illusion that you also applied eyeliner.

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Bet on creamy shadow If you do not have a lot of skill or patience with traditional shade, the creamy version can be combined. Easier to apply - since you can do this with the same fingers - this kind of shadow gives a sophisticated effect to the eye and has long-lasting. Apply the product in the center of the eyelid and drag the corners to create a smoky effect. In addition, you can also use it to make a colorful outlined.

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Use bronzer and blush Dispense direct depart for bronzer, which helps, and give healthy color to the face, the contour and highlight some facial features. Apply it starting from under the cheekbone and pulling to the side. The technique will leave your face thinner, angular and naturally.

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