GENIAL way to save 100 plastic bags: it is super easy to pull one by one

ingenious way to save 00 plastic bagsOneCrazyHouse / YouTube

Plastic bags tend to accumulate in the kitchen every new trip to the market, and many people do not know what to do with them. A good alternative is recycling. But in the meantime, save them in an organized manner is a good start to prevent ending up becoming a big problem in the house.

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Organizing bags

The video below teaches a simple and practical way to leave 100 plastic bags organized to take up little space and be easy to pick up.

Fold the sling in half vertically.

how to organize plastic bagsOneCrazyHouse / YouTube

Put another bag folded over the first, but about 15 cm up.

how to organize plasticas 2 bagsOneCrazyHouse / YouTube

Start winding and then a third bag put on the first two, respecting the space of 15 cm.

how to organize plasticas 3 bagsOneCrazyHouse / YouTube

Repeat this same process with 100 bags. When finished, you will have a roll of plastic bags. Tie it with a bag twisted and tie a knot.

how to organize plasticas 4 bagsOneCrazyHouse / YouTube

By pulling the tip of the medium will only one bag at a time.

organizing five plastic bagsOneCrazyHouse / YouTube

Watch the video, with audio in English:

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