Middle child is the most problematic of the family – and science explains the reasons!

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Being the son number two is not easy even. Recent research conducted by Professor Joseph Doyle of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in the United States, concluded that the middle child can be a real "black sheep" of the family.

Middle children more work?

The study suggests that birth order of the children influence on several factors in the development of children, including even the chance of a person being delinquent in the future.

In this sense, the work confirms the legend of the "curse of the second child," saying that these tend to be more problematic in both school age and adulthood.

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Along with four other researchers, Doyle evaluated thousands of data collected from the US groups of siblings and Denmark.

According to him, the number two kids (especially boys) were between 25% and 40% more likely to engage in serious trouble at school or with the law compared to the eldest son of the same family.

Treatment of parents is different

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The study points out that one of the reasons that makes the middle children are more meddle in trouble is precisely the education given by the parents. This is because the older children usually receive more attention and care even more for being the first heirs. When the second child arrives, parents become less vigilant.

Another factor raised by Doyle respect to each child life models. According to the researcher, the firstborn have as direct inspiration family adults. The second camp children look up to much less rational figures, which are their own brothers.

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Importantly, the study is not intended to point out that a rule that every second child is doomed to a life more complicated. However, it serves as a warning for parents who already have or intend to have more heirs.

After all, the treatment for each child can indeed have an impact on their future!

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