Menu to lose weight after pregnancy: Jaque Khury reveals secrets of the plateau belly

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Since he gave Gael light, 10 months ago, the ex-BBB Jaque Khury not only lost 29 kg of excess weight as a transformed post-pregnancy abdomen in chapada belly. In addition to the accelerated metabolism by the muscles and the body already accustomed to fitness, balanced meals and discipline in the exercise helped her regain body before. Jack revealed the diet and the training behind the back to the old measures.

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Training Jaque Khury

bodybuilding fan, Jaque Khury opted for activity to resume good shape. For train abdomen, it invests in inverted abdominal the bar and abdominal the plank. There are 4 sets of 20 repetitions.

5 0 jaque khuryPicture: Instagram / JaqueKhuryJaque focused on exercises for the abdominal area after pregnancy.

In his account on Instagram, Jack confessed that very focused in the abdomen and in recent months, so from now on will only one day of your buttocks. It is 4 sets of 20 repetitions of the exercise of fours and bridge.

jaque khury 4Picture: Instagram / JaqueKhuryA former BBB said not want to increase, but only tone your butt.

post pregnancy diet menu

Option 1 protein (omelet with 3 buds 2 clear and / cottage 2 tablespoons of cream soup or ricotta with two light sliced ​​turkey breast / lactose yoghurt one / a dose of whey protein isolate and lactose free).
1 carbohydrate option (160 grams of sweet potato / 2 tablespoons oats, granola or creaky / 1 slice of bread without gluten / pita bread slice 1/2 whole roasted / 120g of cooked manioc).
raw and cooked vegetables will
1 carbohydrate option (160 grams of sweet potato / 4 tablespoons of rice / 1 gluten pasta gripper / 3 tablespoons lentils or beans).
Option 1 protein (1 omelet with 4 egg whites and yolks 2 / grilled chicken fillet 1/1 fillet lean red meat grilled / 1 large roasted fish fillet / light 1 can of tuna without water).
Afternoon snack
Option 1 protein (protein drink 1/1 scoop of whey protein in water or almond milk / protein bar 1/1 chicken fillet or grilled fish)
1 healthy fat option (15 g of oil or 2 tablespoons of avocado).
2 afternoon snack
1 carbohydrate choice (1 cup of coffee full of raisins / 4 apricots / bananas 2/2 pineapple slices / 1 medium fruit unit / bananinha without sugar).
Option 1 protein (nuts 4-nut / 6 cashew / cottage 2 tablespoons)
Have a dinner
Plant will
1 protein option (1 omelet with 4 egg whites and 2 yolks / 1 grilled chicken fillet / 1 fillet grilled lean red meat / 1 large fillet baked fish / 1 light of tuna without water / 6 to 8 salmon sashimi, tuna fish or white).
Option 1 protein (1 scoop whey protein beaten with water / omelet 1 and 2 with 3 buds clear / 1 lactose-free yogurt).

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