Navel sad: 3 treatments and 2 powerful exercises to eradicate this problem

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You could get rid of those unwanted extra pounds and was happy when he came in the balance, but noted that those dreaded folds are still part of your body? O navel sad, caused by excess skin is a problem that affects some women, and to say goodbye to this aspect dermatologist Marcia Linhares of some tips to wave goodbye to sagging.

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Causes of sad navel

navel sadreproduction "Most of the time can be liposuction poorly made, post-pregnancy and excessive weight loss. It is a laxity in the region, an irregular change in the abdomen, and you can differentiate from fat, which in this case has only skin", Explains the doctor.

Treatments sad navel

According to Dr., It is difficult to make the stomach back to normal with exercise and healthy eating. "It is important to associate with a cosmetic treatment such as radio frequency or injection of poly lactic acid"Said the expert, who emphasizes the importance of undergoing a medical evaluation so that they can indicate the best treatment for each person.

To lose belly flab

Radio frequency - This method improves the structure of the collagen fibers of the skin and could ameliorate the appearance of the navel, and save the skin sagging. The procedure is done with a radio frequency equipment itself that increases the temperature of the region. To have a good result, is indicated raisins for 10 sessions, being allowed to do only two a week. The price of treatment is around R $ 350,00, varying according to the clinic.

polylactic acid injection - The injection is applied to the desired area to stop sagging. If the navel is indicated to 3-5 sessions to take effect. According to expert, it should only be done one session per month, and the results appear in the second or third month. The price of treatment is from R $ 1,800.00, varying according to the clinical and applied area.

sutures with polylactic acid - Made in the same injection acid, this treatment is most immediate, since it is applied by means of suture threads in the navel area, which produce new collagen fibers in the tissue. It costs about $ 3.000,00 R and varies according to the clinical area and desired application.

To eliminate abdominal fat

According to Dr. Marcia is difficult to burn fat located just to exercise, and it indicates that two powerful treatments.

Cryolipolysis - It is a method that uses a device to freeze and destroy fat cells in the navel area. The session lasts about deuma time and should be done every three months. The value is between R $ 2,500.00 and R $ 5,000.00, varying with the clinic and the area. A dermatologist points out that to make this treatment the patient must have fat contents, but will not appear effect and can be harmful to health.

Ultrasound LipoSonix - Depending on the area, the session may take 20 to 40 minutes and aims to destroy the fat cells through an ultrasound that releases heat of 51 ° C. This treatment must be done every three months and the price ranges from $ 2,500.00 to R $ 5,000.00, depending on the desired area and the chosen clinic.

How to harden the belly and navel

Although the dermatologist to ensure that it was hard to define the navel region with exercise and indicates specific treatments to correct the sad navel, the trainer of Viva Brazil, Felipe Kutianski, says it is possible to bet on exercises to end the sagging region. "Exercise works and strengthens the region and nutritional counseling help to leave with a more defined look"He says.


At the academy, Felipe indicates betting on exercises with accessories, overloads and pulleys to tension the obliques, and at home, powerful abs.

abdominal military: Lie face up, lift your upper body and bend one knee at the same time dragging the foot.

Abdominal with legs elevated: Support your feet on a chair or on a couch, put his hand on the head and lift the trunk.

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