Day Pregnant

On Monday, 15, is celebrated the Day Pregnant, date more than special, since the Pregnancy period is very important for women, be they sailors first time or not. To warn of risks and precautions important at this stage, Dr. José Bento de Souza, gynecologist and obstetrician graduate degree from the University of São Paulo (USP) and author of several books - among them "Get pregnant! Yes, it is possible" - suggests some tips.

Starting with one healthy eating which guarantees a free pregnancy to moms anemias, bleeding and Gestational diabetes. "It is important that women add about 300 calories to your daily diet to nourish the developing fetus, preferably distributed in five meals prepared with ingredients that are sources of protein, iron, calcium and folic acid, preferably with a low fat"Teaches the expert.


As for the ideal weight can forget that phrase "I eat for two"The right is varied between nine twelve kilos throughout the pregnancy. "This weight gain can be 1.5 to 2 kilos per month after the 16th week. Therefore, it is important that there restriction the consumption of high-calorie foods such as soft drinks, bullets and industrialized sweets"Advises José Bento, which ensures that pregnant women are released for physical exercises low impact as hiking, stretching and water aerobics.

"The practice of some physical activity will benefit the emotional balance the pregnant woman, it is a time when it is in contact with her body, feeling how the baby reacts to your movements" says the obstetrician. The beauty care also part of the routine of a child. To avoid the dreaded stretch marks nothing better than to make use of moisturizers and emollients and recommended preventing dyes hair, because of the chemical.


Speaking of hair, they usually become more beautiful and the reason is biological: "Due to the increasing rate of female hormones (estrogen and progesterone) in the pregnant woman's body, which can reach up to ten times more than normal outside of pregnancy, the woman's hair grows at a different rate, get more shine and strength. In relation to hair loss usually occurs after delivery, because with the birth of the baby the woman has a sudden decrease in hormone levels"Compares the doctor.

At hours of sleep the best position is to lie the left side, which facilitates blood flow and prevents swelling and just in time "H" there are no restrictions as long as the woman is completely comfortable. In cases where there is suspicion of premature birth, low placenta or bleeding is more common stop the practice of relations.


THE libido usually increases again because of hormones. "In the first months there is no need for changes in intercourse, but it is important that the couple feel comfortable in maintaining the same intimacy and practicing the positions they desire. However, after six months it is common that there are some special cares. In this case, the most suitable positions end up being when the woman stands next to the partner or above. But if there is any discomfort or pain, it is important that the mother inform your partner and your doctor"Warns José Bento.

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