How to win back a love: 5 things you should know

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The relationship is over, but you want at any cost win back ex? Some say that this task is more difficult than the conquest itself, but there is always hope and often, separation stories do not last forever.

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The writer Luiza Costa Gonçalves, author of "Ask a woman" (Ed. Pandorga), lists some information that every woman who wants regain a man should know.

Tips to win back ex

Think before you act

The first is whether the other really worth the effort of reconquest. "A lot of people want to regain more by wounded pride than by anything else. At such times it is important to realize how far you really care about the relationship or if your concern is just 'not lose the game'"He explains.

how to win back a love 2ThinkstockSaiba wait and take the time to reflect on what you really want

Give it time

If after thinking you complete it really is true love, try not to take any hasty action and give it time. "After the relationship ends many tend to get desperate for a magic formula to renew love and so end up further away from the desired person. After all, nobody likes to desperate people"He says.

Do not be deceived

Use this time to think about mistakes that led to the end and do not be obsessed with the person about to be deceiving. Sometimes the other just wants to be educated and can speak "you were cool", "thanks for chocolates"Without this meaning that want to go back to relate. "Force the issue will only make you become more agonized and distanced"He says.

Talk openly

When you have already resumed contact civilized way, without discussion or rancor, a frank discussion may be important to know whether there is any chance to resume. "Say you still want to, but subtly, without looking like a needy, manic and desperate. After that, wait a minute to see if the person seeks or not you", Guides.

how to win back a love 3ThinkstockUma final conversation is important, but without creating too many expectations

Do not confuse things

And be careful not to confuse "water bath" with emotional attachment. "It is not uncommon to see people 'cooking' the other just to inflate the ego, spend time, etc. If you really want to win back, be careful to avoid future disappointments".

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