Collagen keeps skin firm, but it is a lie that fights cellulite

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O collagen It is a type of protein which is to give support to the cells. It is the major protein component of skin, bones, cartilage, ligaments, etc. and is responsible for giving firmness and elasticity to the skin the face and body.

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Our body produces this substance naturally. However, in adulthood, around age 50, you can see a significant drop in its manufacturing thanks to the aspect flaccid our skin gets. According to nutritionist Glaucia Braggion a balanced diet It is able to meet alone, the need for synthesis collagen on body. "However, we know that many people fail to maintain a balanced diet every day, continuously. Therefore, the use of supplements collagen-based food can help a lot"He says.

The foods rich in collagen animals are proteins, found in eggs, milk and meat generally. However, for the body to be able to properly absorb the substance, it is necessary to have available in the body vitamins and minerals, nutrient substrate for giving the body produce collagen. They are abundantly found in fruits and greens.

The replacement of collagen through supplements can and should begin before age 50, especially for people who have restricted diets, such as vegetarians. "The orientation of consumption depends on the amount of protein a person consumes daily, which should be evaluated by a specialist. The effectiveness of treatment also depends on the same factor: vegetarians will benefit from a higher dose supplement and will surely realize better results"Explains Glaucia.

The supplement should be taken with hydrolyzed collagen, which is concentrated and have high digestibility. The nutritionist indicates the products in powder, which can be mixed in water, juice, etc. and have no taste, or capsules. Both are easily found in drugstores and health food stores, but should only be consumed after the appointment of a health professional. "Some brands contain only the hydrolyzed collagen, and others have, beyond it, the combination of different amino acids and some vitamins and minerals. The most complete formulas are more effective"Is recommended.

Beyond the benefits to the skin, O collagen It helps maintain the structure of the joints and prevents wear with aging. "It is a good therapy for those with arthritis or inflammation in the joints"Says Glaucia. It also helps in strengthening the hair, nails and frame muscular. "There are several tissues in the body containing collagen. In these, the effect is regenerating"He explains.

If ingested as directed by the manufacturer and medical indication, the Collagen based supplement no risk of Cheers. "It is nothing more than broken protein. It is like eating a food"Compares Glaucia. However, the nutritionist warned that eating animal protein and excess collagen supplements can cause weight gain and overload the kidneys and livers.

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According to expert, the belief that eating gelatine helps in skin firmness is a big myth. "That we buy in the market to do at home have very small amounts of protein, does not result"He says.

Another legend is that collagen supplementation helps disguise cellulitis. "Cellulite is an inflammatory process involving other tissues, especially fat. Collagen acts only on the skin, not in the fat layer, and It is not anti-inflammatory. It helps improve the appearance of skin, but not combat cellulite. For this, you need to lose fat"He explains.

According to Glaucia, while improving the texture and appearance of the skin, reinforcing its structure and treating sagging, there are no scientific studies that prove the efficacy of collagen in delaying or reversing the aging process.

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