Revenue Overnight Oats loses weight and becomes hit with those who want to lose weight with health

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One type of snack turned craze among whom want to lose weight. These are called "overnight oats", Oatmeal (oats in inglese) staying overnight in the fridge along with other ingredients, and the next day, are a great option for a light breakfast and healthy. THE simple recipe It can be made in individual portions, according to the preference of each person, alternating layers of fruit, yogurt, among others. Just not worth, of course, choose high-calorie items, which would put everything to lose.

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O oat consumption offers several benefits to the body, lowering bad cholesterol, improve bowel function and increasing the feeling of satiety, it is rich in fiber. Thus, ends up favoring weight loss.

Revenue Overnight Oats

1st layer: Greek yogurt + + oats chia

2nd layer: coconut passion fruit pulp beaten +

3rd layer: + granola Greek yoghurt

4th layer: raisins + passion fruit syrup

* Recipe from Quaker

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