8 amazing things that the baby feels in the belly

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The ultrasound examination allowed to see the baby, still in the belly of the mother, can open and close your eyes, sleep, yawning, sucking fingers and make several jokes with her hand and foot. But what about the things that happen in the environment outside the womb, will they feel? Then check out eight situations that are perceived by the fetus even in pregnancy.

What the baby feels in the belly?

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Mom's heart

From the 10th week, the embryo can already see the heartbeat of the mother. It is exactly why newborns are much calmer if placed on the lap near the heart. Noise refers to the months of security he had in the womb.

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position change

From the 17th week of the balance system of the fetus is already formed. So he feels when the mother changes position - sit, down, lifts or squats.

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external sounds

Sounds when passing through tissue layers belly, arrive muffled in the womb, but the fetus between the 18th to 25th week is with the whole audio system formed and, therefore, listen to what happens outside the belly. Voices, music and noises are clearly perceived. So it is very important to talk to him. After birth, research indicates that the baby can identify sounds, a factor that also contributes to their sense of security.

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From the 20th week, the small also feel the touch. Caresses on the belly and play through stimuli and balances are perceived by him.

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body functioning

From 33 weeks the fetus is able to hear all working mother's body. The functioning of the intestine and stomach and breathing part of the sound setting of the restricted world that serzinho.

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Mother moves

The act of lifting, sit or squat causes the baby to be constantly touched by the mother's body. For him, the movements function as a massage. After birth, it is very important to continue stimulating his little body with massages for the safety of the uterus is played.

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Nervous and stress

Although the baby does not understand what is happening, he feels the consequences - to be nervous or stressed, the woman tends to release hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, which reach the fetus through the bloodstream. As a result, the heartbeat of the two increases.

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Just as stress and nervous, the fetus also feels when the mother is happy, because this is the release of hormones such as serotonin and endorphins, which also reach the uterus.

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