Vaginal touch: why your gynecologist does this test?

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Almost every query to the gynecologist involves examination of vaginal touch, a procedure often uncomfortable made by the physician. But is it really necessary? Discover below.

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vaginal touch exam

How is done

examination Touch 3Picture: ThinkstockO examination vaginal examination is fast and does not hurt.

The exam is done with the woman in the call gynecological position: lying on the stretcher with his legs apart. The doctor will introduce the middle and index fingers previously sanitized with gloves and lubricated. The test is quick and usually lasts from seconds to minutes.

It hurts?

According to the gynecologist and obstetrician Edilson da Costa Ogeda, Gynecology Center coordinator of Hospital Samaritano of São Paulo, the test tone is not painful. "If the woman feels pain is a sign that there is a disease that must be treated after diagnosis"He explains.

Its make bad?

According to the expert, this test offers no risk to women's health, even if done during pregnancy.

prevents diseases

On vaginal examination the doctor can see the appearance of the cervix, the uterus is swelling, if there is suspicion of ovarian cysts, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, among other diseases.

virgin woman can take touch?

Edilson Ogeda explains that the examination of vaginal examination is not conducted on virgin women.

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