Recipes with chicken: 9 options to innovate in the kitchen and not get sick of the diet

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Rich in proteins of high biological value and low in fat, chicken is the darling of diets to lose weight. is mistaken, however, who think that to lose weight you need to eat only grilled steak and salad: chicken fits more different preparations and may give rise to tasty and nutritious dishes.

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Check out easy recipes and practices to do without fear.

light recipes with chicken

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Mix shredded chicken, cottage cheese and grated beets to make a pink light sandwich. To complete, use or multigrain bread.

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Chicken and vegetable breast is possible to make a chess chicken with few calories. The trick is to use the light soy sauce, which has less sodium and is healthier.

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Besides nutritious, carrot cream soup, chicken and ginger speeds up metabolism and promotes fat burning. The recipe yields of only four parts each 150 kcal.

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Vegetables left in the refrigerator? Put it all in a pot with rice and shredded chicken and make a light risotto. To make it creamy, just put a spoonful of cream cheese or light cream cheese.

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Fever among women who attend the academy, the salty maromba takes two ingredients and kills hunger quickly.

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The main ingredient of Dukan pancake is the oatmeal and the filling can be chicken, tuna or ground beef.

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also test the chicken pie Dukan diet, which is low-carbohydrate and almost no fat.

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The chicken salad quinoa is a source of protein and fiber. To add flavor and nutrients, invest in chopped nuts.

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The biomass of green banana is a great ally in weight loss as it increases the feeling of satiety and is rich in nutrients. One way to use the food is preparing a chicken stroganoff which is tasty and avoids the use of sour cream.

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