Melon fattening increases diabetes and gives candidiasis in women, says doctor

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a melon sweetie seems only bring benefits to the body, as it has plenty of water in its composition. In fact, he has a high moisturizing power. However, this is not all wonder: it can fatten, increasing levels of blood insulin, worsening diabetes, and - surprisingly - stimulate candidiasis in women.

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Who says is the nutritionist Flávia Cyfer. "It is digested very fast and this causes glucose to enter very fast in the blood, causing a spike in blood sugar. This process will also require high amounts of insulin to put that glucose in the cell and this will fatten", ensures. Also according to the expert, candidiasis may increase thanks to fungi present in the fruit. "It has very fungus - is that whiter little part which is above the seed - and a woman who suffer with the disease may have increased the problem".

He may be good at one point: it is very alkalizing. This means that will help the cells of people who eat unhealthily (very preservative and frying) to cleanse the body of this acid pH in order to start a new routine feeding.

Consumer Tips

Never in dessert - As it is digested very fast, if consumed after a meal, the food is slower digestion will leave you stuck in the stomach. In this condition, it can ferment and produce gases. Always eat melons alone.

Coconut oil or brown - To solve the problem of reaching the very fast blood, nutritionist indicates placing a coconut oil scoop up or eat with two nuts together, not to have glycemic peak.

Opt for greener - The more mature, more sweet, more glucose. If you are greener, will have less glucose.

Unlike melons, some foods can help burn the fats. Check out the video what they are and leverage your diet!

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