Learn more Tico Santa Cruz, singer Detonautas and success on Twitter

Meet more than santa optical cross vocalist Detonautas and success on twitter

From January 2010, Tico Santa Cruz takes a break from Detonautas to take, exceptionally, the vocals of Raimundos band for ten concerts in Brazil. Known for his strong opinions and his activism rock'n'roll, the singer revealed some traces of his outstanding personality in knock-ball with Digital Spy.

Full name: Luis Guilherme Araújo Brunetta Fontenelle

Date of birth: 09/30/1977

Nickname: Tico Santa Cruz

What do you like to eat? candies

What are your hobbies? Reading, running, writing.

When not singing what you like to do? I enjoy being with my family and my friends, but I like the solitude.

What bands do you enjoy? Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Black Sabbath, Dead Weather, Jane's Addiction and Ac / Dc. And yet Keith Urban, Cazuza and Raul.

Who would you go to a desert island? With José Saramago.

Who do you leave there? All these emo bands in a beautiful festival on the beach.

What's the funniest sung you ever took? I do not take sung (laughs).

What is the coolest trip you have ever done? I Love Trancoso, Bahia. My stronghold of isolation of the magical world.

If you could sing with anyone, who would it be? I'm privileged to have already sung with many of my idols. Of those who left, Raul Seixas, no doubt.

Already got a fan? I make no distinction. Anyone who engages with Tico Santa Cruz is at least brave.

What is the song playing in your car? A new band I discovered, from Curitiba, called Anachronistic.

Ever regretted anything? When you hurt someone who does not deserve, sorry.

What is your greatest ambition? Win a million and send the world to hell.

Where do you see yourself in 50 years? Underground.

If it was not a singer, what would it be? It would be the Red Cross.

Cite a romantic place: The dressing room after the show.

What was the most stolen from your life? Stop a blitz with my bike and find that the document was in day. Then she went to see her leaving for that disgusting deposit.

What was the most important moment of your life? The birth of my children.

What is your favorite dish? Brain.

If you won the Mega-Sena would you do? Write a book telling all the truths I can not say because it depends on money.

What are you afraid? Fear is faith in reverse.

Who is the Tico Santa Cruz? Only I know after I die and if there is life after death, to discover the real impression of what inheritance left this planet.

What are the band's projects for 2010? Rotate the world.

By Renata Trindade, especially for Digital Spy

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