canine parvovirus can be transmitted to humans

Canine parvovirus can be transmitted to humansThinkstock

A peculiar feature of the causative virus of the parvovirus is that these are species-specific: the virus that causes parvovirus in dogs only affect this species. There are variations of parvovirus that occur in cats, pigs and even humans. In each species, the observed symptoms are different. In dogs, the most common symptoms of the occurrence of this infection are diarrhea episodes with blood and vomiting.

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The virus of canine parvovirus is relatively resistant to normal environmental conditions, but which may retain its ability to infection. The virus is shed in feces and other secretions from infected dogs. Where you find a sick dog, even if he is already in treatment, should be cleaned and disinfected. This procedure is very important, because the canine parvovirus can infect other dogs and even wild animals relatives of dogs, like wolves.

It is important to wash the spot having stool or secretions from infected dogs using disinfectants, such as bleach or disinfectant suitable for cleaning canis. Traces of feces may contain particles of causing disease virus for more than six months in the environment. Sick animals should always be in isolation because of the possibility of disease transmission.

Do not even let puppies which are not vaccinated around, because the disease is extremely contagious! If you have other dogs or will have contact with healthy dogs after dealing with an animal with parvovirus, wash your hands and change your clothes if the animal has come into contact with you directly.

Vaccination is important for the prevention of this disease. If left untreated can be life-threatening because it causes dehydration and severe blood loss in feces. If you notice any symptom or abnormal behavior in your dog is essential to look for a veterinarian to help him as soon as possible and thus ensure the success of treatment.

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