How to paint a box with a sponge

How to paint a box with a sponge

I love keeping things, and you already know this; I never told is how much I envied from small safes that pirates had in the movies, these wonderful safes where they kept their treasures and all its secrets and they could only be found after intensive search with super complicated maps. In fact, I would have loved to find a safe those, especially one full of gold and jewels ... as this was not possible (yet) I dedicated myself to take a lot of boxes to store my stuff, each to something different, such as letters from friends, money, keys, etc. So, I believe that you will understand that my fascination for finding a new technique to decorate boxes, in particular in the case of a technique for painting wooden boxes.

This is a technique for paint with sponge, and you can use it in cases other than wood, but alas, will depend on the dye you use. Curious to see how it is?

Consider the materials needed:

1 wooden box the size you want


acrylic dye (for this fallen, blue and dorada, but you can play with colors)


Felt (a color that matches the dye and enough to use as a liner box)

1 small sponge

Step by step:

The first to do is sanding the box, so that it has no imperfections; If the box is sooo rough, start with a medium sandpaper and then give the finished with fine sandpaper, check with the hand that it is very smooth.

Now, apply the acrylic paint blue, which will be our base color; apply as many hands are needed so it is very neat. Let dry between one hand and the other and only when it is completely dry you can begin to paint with acrylic paint color dorada.

For this, put some dye into a saucer, wet the sponge in the dye and download some supporting the first sponge on one side of the saucer that has no ink; if still a lot of ink, download on a napkin. Now yes, having the sponge with gold paint, but not much, apply it gently into the box, with little touches the wood, without too much pressure.

Do this work across the box, and be sure that the bottom of the box do not get ugly, not even think for a moment that people do not look at the bottom, who does craft looks, because that's where we know if the person caprichou. As since the dorada paint is dry you can already put the felt to make the lining, I recommend you put felt also at the bottom. This is not super required, but will give that touch of fine craftsmanship and will make be beautiful, even if you did not take good care of the bottom.

There, you may already have your wooden box painted with sponge where you can store all your treasures!

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