How should I eat fruit per day: see limits to not get fat

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Experts claim: fruits are essential to the diet and health. But did you know that the way you eat makes all the difference and that too much can turn the berries into villains for the body? To avoid problems, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends eating five servings a day. And what should be the amount of fruit in a serving? And where the juice comes in this story?

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What is a serving of fruit

A portion is calculated from the calorie of food, where each portion corresponds to about 60 to 70 calories (diet on a daily calories 2 mil). How can you not know this alone, you must use intuition to get an average. In the gallery, see what would be a portion of each fruit, according to indications of the nutritionist Sonia Tucunduva given in the Wellness program, Globo.

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The account is simple. unit Fruits of medium size, such as apple, banana and pear, for example, can be considered a portion. larger fruits such as melon, papaya or watermelon, have a slice in the calories needed portion. Already small berries that come in bunches, like grapes, can be consumed 10-12 fruit per serving. Follow the gallery and take questions before choosing fruits that will eat that day.

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A portion pineapple 2 = 1 thick or thin slices of pineapples

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A portion banana = 1 banana

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A portion papaya = Half a papaya papaya or slice 1

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A sleeve portion of a sleeve Half =

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A portion melon = 1 slice of melon

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A portion strawberry strawberry = 10 to 12

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A portion pear = 1 pear

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A portion grape grapes = 10 to 12

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Fruit salad = 1 small pot equivalent to a portion

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