Homemade room freshener that perfumes and decorates

environment freshener makingBolsa de Mulher

Few things are as pleasant as coming home and feel that pleasant and comforting aroma. Even better if it comes from a supercharmoso little pot, which helps compose the decoration of the room. See the gallery preparing a room freshener orange cinnamon rustic appearance with:

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environment freshener makingBolsa de Mulher

You will need: a very beautiful glass bottle (can be a pitcher of beer), 2 cups water, 1 orange, 2 cinnamon sticks cut and essential citrus oil, clove and vanilla.

making environment aromatizer 2Bolsa de Mulher

Cut orange into slices 1 cm thick, approx.

aromatizer environment making 3Bolsa de Mulher

Place one sliced ​​bottom of the jar.

aromatizer environment making 4Bolsa de Mulher

Include some pieces of sliced ​​cinnamon stick. From there, go barging a slice of orange with cinnamon pieces to complete the bottle.

environment freshener making 5Bolsa de Mulher

Pour water over everything.

making environment aromatizer 6Bolsa de Mulher

Place 10 drops of the chosen essence.

environment to 7 as aromatizerBolsa de Mulher

Its natural environment freshener is ready.

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