Weight loss in three days: Tips to deflate the belly healthily

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For lose weight with health, without risk or jeopardizing the proper functioning of the body, proper nutrition and physical exercise are the cornerstones indicated by doctors and specialists. The process, of course, is not instantaneous, but you can supercharge diet simple and quick steps. Check basic tips for deflate the belly healthily:

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Every morning, drink a cup of hot water with lemon. The drink works as a kind of "alarm clock" for the digestive system, causing the body to function fully.

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Yogurt, cheese and dairy products should be temporarily out of breakfast. Many people experience discomfort and swelling in the belly area to consume dairy products regularly.

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In addition to helping you lose weight, eat slowly, consciously avoids that you keep the air trapped in the body, causing swelling in the belly.

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Keep yourself well hydrated. Take about 2 liters per day helps to eliminate toxins and excess body salt. They are responsible for the sensation of heaviness and swelling.

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If you plan to deflate, you have to give up alcohol. Besides alcohol, sugar present in drinks can cause problems of digestion.

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Work out forever. If there is no time to enroll in a gym to deflate quickly, replace the elevator the stairs, walk to the grocery store or take advantage of the extra minutinhos for physical activity indoors.

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Bet fiber in foods. They are essential to end the swollen belly for assisting in the work of digestion. Oats, granola, grains and fruits are examples of diet allies.

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Teas include in your routine. The beverage helps eliminate the volume of the stomach to be quite diuretic and thus cleans the body ending with excess bodily fluid.

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