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The crepioca is one of the favorite recipes of the famous marombeiras, betting on proteinaceous option to help you lose weight and gain muscle. But how about trying something different with a mixture of tapioca and crepe? Karina Bacchi taught in his blog a Revenue fit with tapioca and egg, which is the crepioca muffin, one of the actress's secrets to display corpão after 38 years.

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The crepioca egg in itself helps build lean mass: the light is rich in protein and aid in muscle recovery and also has vitamins and minerals, increasing satiety and helping to lose weight. In Karina Bacchi version, the recipe is even more powerful: the white cheese is a source of calcium, which strengthens bones. Chard is powerful antioxidant and to combat swelling; the benefits of chia seed are to be considered miraculous, and rosa do Himalaia salt, the purest in the world, helps to give more flavor without compromising the diet.

Tapioca is gluten-free; therefore, it inhibits the increased inflammation of the body's cells, eventually also reduce abdominal fat, if your consumption is combined with healthy eating habits and a regular exercise routine. However, consumption should be moderate, because, in excess, the food can be calorie - 50 grams of pasta have 70 calories.

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Snack fit: Karina Bacchi recipe


  • 4 eggs;
  • 8 soup spoons tapioca;
  • Chia 2 tablespoons;
  • ½ cup grated cheese mines;
  • Chard 1 cup chopped into strips;
  • Pink salt from the Himalayas to taste;
  • Parsley to taste.

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Method of preparation

  • Mix well eggs, tapioca, salt and parsley;
  • Place the cheese and chard;
  • Pour in muffin cups;
  • Bake for low to medium heat until firm and gold;
  • Serve!

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