Isis Valverde teaches trick to curl hair at home in minutes

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Hair slightly wavy, frizz-free and natural looking without spending time and money in a beauty salon. Isis Valverde has a trick to it! The famous owner enviable wires bet on a single product, many women have at home, to achieve the effect of a very fast way.

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How to curl hair

Isis Valverde states use the technique to curl at home and ensures that works (Credits: Playback / Instagram)

According to the famous, the 'ingredient' miraculous is a simple cream to comb - which can be found in any supermarket, pharmacy or beauty products shop. The tip is to apply some of the still wet product wire ends washing and then winding a few strands.

With cream, hair should be attached to the roll, but you can use a few staples to ensure that the waves become more bulky. Leave it for a few minutes - the time to get ready is enough - and then release the locks. "Hence, when you release form some beautiful waves. I love"Ensures the actress who is poster child for Silk brand.

If you want the waves are more durable, you can spend a little more time with this trick, leaving the wires rolled up to dry a little. Then you can just move your fingers to loosen and create a natural effect.

If you are adept at good old curling iron to curl their hair at home, The video below gives all the tips necessary for you to get perfect curls with the gadget. Watch and bump!

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