5 evils of frying in the body

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Fried foods are tempting foods, not only for taste but also by being present in most menus and family recipes. However, excess fat is very bad to the body. Know more:

excess fried foods can increase the risk of cancer

THE fry can promote the body the formation of a substance called acrolein, which is highly carcinogenic. It is derived from the degradation of oil properties when subjected to heat and has significant toxicity to the body.

Fried foods contribute to high blood pressure

The fats that can be found in fried foods, when consumed with exaggeration, can cause increased blood pressure. This is because the fats form plaques in the blood vessels, decreasing the diameter and hinder the passage of blood.

Fried foods are inflammatory

The fried foods They have inflammatory characteristics that cause the accumulation of abdominal fat and insulin resistance. These factors increase the feeling of tiredness and lack of energy, and impair optimal absorption of nutrients and even inteferir fertility.

bad fat for the body

Even the vegetable oils more expensive and good quality end up turning into bad fat whens subjected to high temperatures. Therefore, in addition to pay attention to the used oil, if it is really necessary frying to prepare the recipe, try to leave food for the shortest time possible under this kind of cooking.

reused oil is bad

O reused oil successively in fried food turns into fat transaturada, the famous trans fat substance directly related to cardiovascular disease and hypertension. At home, and avoid frying, never reuse the oil to other foods.

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