Trace Element: what it is and how it works

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You ever heard of oligotherapy? It is a alternative medicine It originated in France that aims to treat physical and mental diseases at the molecular level. In this therapy, the cure is associated with ion and energy transmitted by trace elements. "This is not a new specialty, but rather of a new managerial to health, whose golden rule is to prevent not cure, explains the biochemistry and therapist Heloisa Bernardes in his book Health Rare Jewels.

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The trace elements are substances such as minerals, metals and amino acids present in the human body, essential to balance the body and responsible for catalyzing cellular reactions. These elements are present in small amounts in the body, but if deregulated cause some types of diseases not detected in normal surveys.

How it works

O Treatment with oligotherapy begins at an evaluation of the functioning of each body to check for lack of any element. Then a detoxification is performed in the body, performed by changes in diet.

Changing the menu's main objective regular blood pH, eliminating, by a period of time, food classes that contain harmful substances cell balance as milk, meat, potatoes and others.

To define what are the elements that will provide the regulation of the body, each person must go through an individual analysis. "Each patient, each diathesis, has very specific symptoms and behaviors, which can be corrected by trace element or a complex of trace elements, enhancing partially or totally its general manifestations, for correcting acidity", Points Heloisa.


Book: Rare Jewels Health
authoress: Heloisa Bernardes
Publisher Planet Brazil
176 pages
Price: R $ 24.90

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