Violence against women: how to report

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The fight to end domestic and family violence is daily, but won a symbolic date. November 25 is the International Day of Non-Violence against Women, the ideal time to remember the rights of women and to help conserve them. All are protected by the Maria da Penha Law (Law No. 11,340 / 06) and can make anonymous reports through the Call Center (Call 180).

What is violence against women?

According to the Assistant Secretary of the Secretariat on Policies for Women of the City of São Paulo, Dulce Xavier, a woman must first of all recognize that violence is not only physical. "Any offensive behavior, humiliation or cause psychological suffering is already a violence"He explains. "The way this has variations oppression is exerted. A scene of jealousy, a curse, a push, to get to the attempted murder", Warns the professional.

You know that skirt that her partner will not let you use because it judges to be too short? This may be the beginning of psychological violence. "Acts that hinder the freedom are also violence. Jealousy is possession of manifestation, not love. One should be aware of this type of behavior and these subtle issues"He says.


The complaint of domestic violence can be made at any police station, with the registration of a police report, or the Center for Assistance to Women (Dial 180), service of the Secretariat on Policies for Women. The complaint is anonymous and free, 24-hour nationwide. To protect and help women understand what your rights are, in 2014, the Secretariat launched a mobile application (Click 180) that brings several important information such as the topics of the Maria da Penha Law.

The municipalities also offer service centers, which welcome women in situations of violence. In São Paulo, for example, the Service Centers for Women Victims of Violence have 11 units that provide social, legal and psychological support without police report.

What happens to the offender?

In recording the police report at a police station, the woman can enter a protective measure in the Maria da Penha Law that requires the abuser to stay away from her. "The PM accompanies women who are under protective measures to make fact has effect"He explains. If the offender violates the restraining order, we need to make a new police report, which may result in his arrest.

10 years Call 180

In 2015, Call 180 complete 10 years of operation. Since its inception, we have been held 4,488,644 calls, including guidelines and complaints of various forms of violence. During the 1st half of 2015 there was an increase of violence against friendly reports, sisters and neighbors. Violence against women affects everyone, and the complaint can be made by anyone. The number of complaints should further increase with the use of the application.

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