I washed clothes and she shrugged: no way!

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It is normal for some garments become more tight after washing. The jeans is a classic example of this process, with often too tight. However, just using it for a few hours to give the fabric and give a slight laceada.

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However, what happens if your piece was 2 or 3 smaller numbers after contact with water? It Solution?

What shrink when washed fabrics?

A personal organizer Miriam Cansian, the Sorted space company, says that natural fibers - cotton, linen and wool - are the ones that really shrink in the wash. Already synthetic such as nylon and polyester, do not change. "The mixed fiber fabrics, which use natural and synthetic, are precisely to avoid this problem"He explains.

The expert points out, however, that the shrinkage after washing parts is not as common as well, since many manufacturers sell pre-washed fabrics. In this case, it is possible that the piece slow down a bit in size in the first wash at home, but without major changes - that is, you will still be able to wear it.

He shrugged: what now?

Clothes washing machine shrunk 2ThinkstockRoupa wool that has shrunk solution caseiraSe recipe your piece ended up being much smaller than the original size, Miriam says it is practically impossible to reverse the situation. "This happened because the wires that were very stretched and stressed relaxed again, and it has no back"He explains.

The exception, however, are the woolen clothes. The expert teaches how lacear again the play to resume the original size.

"Put your wool sweater in a bowl with a well morninha solution of water with a little hair conditioner. Let there for half an hour. Then, put the piece to dry on a flat surface with a towel and shaded. Go stretching gently until the sweater resume its original size. Do not use dryer. The drying process can take about two days"Teaches Miriam, warning that the trick does not work in other tissues.

As explained, the wool shrinks because water entangles the fibers. The hair conditioner can reverse the situation because it has a substance called Amodimethicone, untangling the fabric fibers as well as makes the hair strands.

How to prevent the clothes shrink

When purchasing clothing, make sure that the piece is pre-washed. Also, note the label to the fabric composition: if it is done with little more synthetic fibers and natural fibers, Miriam advises buy a more comfortable numbering, it is certain that the part will shrink slightly after the first wash.

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