Tutorial “human doll” to increase Brazilian eyes without false eyelashes

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In addition to staying famous on the internet to conquer the record of smaller waist Brazil, Narumi Kataiama is successful with his YouTube channel to give makeup tips and perform true changes with simple tricks, using only cosmetic.

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Recently, Paraná student, also called "human doll"Taught step by step enlarge the eyes without using false eyelashes. Start by applying a beige shadow on the inner corner of the eye. Then with a darker brown shade, apply around the eye and, with a beveled brush, increase the size of the eye to trace that starts in the lower outer corner of the eye to the other end. With a white shadow, complete the design.

In the mobile eyelid, pass the brown shade with beveled brush, esfumaçando the region. To finalize the makeup, apply a bright pigment in the region and make an eyeliner with a light trace of kitten. Check out the step by step complete look at the video below:

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