Mustaches for print and crafts

whiskers to print and crafts 2

There is a craze for whiskers in the world of crafts, so today we have whiskers to print and crafts. Certainly one worth fofurinha known.

Today we see the drawings whiskers to print, and some pictures of crafts that can be done with them. I promise that next week we will detail some more of these crafts for you to do at home.


Computer / Printer
white sheets
Stylus or scissors

Step by step:

You will have to save the mold mustaches who are in our image gallery. Then just print and cut each mustache.

Now, there are different and varied crafts with mustaches which are well known. One is cut mustache necklace wooden chopsticks and do as you are our mustaches (At least for the photo). Of these I'll do one week post coming, I promise! With all the details.

Another fashion are cups with painted mustaches. A bit more complicated than the previous one but cool crafts. also promise many details in the future. I better cool these cups, and for sure you will love.

Now, photos in our gallery :) Click to increase in size!

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