Angelina Jolie may have anorexia: See how is lean and understand the supposed disease

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Among the famous, where the pressure for the perfect body is great, cases of anorexia are frequent. The latest, according to American magazine Star, would be the actress Angelina Jolie.

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O eating disorder by which famous was allegedly passing affects many women who believe in the need to lose weight more and more, even if they are already lean and thus end up developing serious health problems or even psychological.

Understand the case

Anorexia Body angelina jolieGetty ImagesAinda according to the publication, the husband of the actress, Brad Pitt, had asked her to take off a sabbatical to treat anorexia, since the disorder was causing a crisis in their marriage. He would have even sought an expert to help her gain weight.

Recent photos show that Angelina is really thin, but you can not say that the cause is the anorexia. And, according to close friends, she has difficulties assume you have the problem and continues to work intensively.

What is anorexia

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Anorexia happens when the person sees herself in a distorted way, seeing always fat, when in fact, it is already thin. Thus begins to focus on weight loss, either through crash diets, drugs or, in extreme cases, forcing vomiting after eating, what characterizes bulimia. One problem leads to another, and the symptoms and characteristics are very similar, such as anxiety, compulsive physical activity, insomnia, weigh several times a day, flee occasions involving food, and even depression.

The sooner it is diagnosed and tratatda, the more chance of a successful recovery. Already the frames that persist longer are harder to reverse.

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