Chocolate causes pimples? Dermatologist draws doubts

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Chocolate helps improve mood, acts in the regulation of sleep, appetite, heart rate, body temperature, pain sensitivity, movements and intellectual functions. All this because cocoa is source of magnesium and tryptophan, nutrients that stimulate the body to produce endorphins and serotonin, responsible for the well-being feeling and pleasure. The problem is that this can lead to a vicious circle. AND overeating chocolate fattening and bad for your health.

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Another constant concern for those who do not give up the candy is in relation to the skin and appearance of pimples. A dermatologist explains Roberta Bibas if this is true or if it is only myth, and clarifies other questions to maintain a healthy skin.

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Chocolate gives spine? 'At first it is a myth. Never no study was able to prove this, but there are people who swear that when they eat chocolate, peanut butter and other fats, appear more pimples'.

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Replace the common chocolate by diet makes any difference to the skin? 'It makes no difference. The chocolate diet is not only sugar, but has more fat than regular chocolate. '

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What is the most effective treatment for acne? 'It depends on the degree. For mild acne, my suggestion is benzoyl peroxide and adapalena. A skin with moderate acne, the ideal is to use topical isotretinoin and benzoyl peroxide. And for a skin with severe acne, I recommend oral isotretinoin. Always under medical supervision '.

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What to do to get rid of a pimple fast? 'Do not squeeze. The ideal is to use secativas formulas. But it's always good to remember that your dermatologist is who should prescribe these formulas'.

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How to keep an oily skin always healthy and free of pimples? 'Always use gel products, oil-free or oil-free lotion with matte effect'.

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What are the properties of chocolate for the skin? 'There are many products the chocolate base for skin, hair, etc. To date no studies have proven the effectiveness of them, but first, would be moisturizers, because they contain cocoa butter '.

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