How long can a person go without sleep?

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The importance of sleep for our health is already more than known. It is a home, a rest that both the brain and the rest of our body claims, for the simple fact that something vital and necessary for the proper functioning of both. But all people sleep in different ways, some more sleep than others; some even speak while domem and others have serious problems getting sleep properly.

The truth is that we spend much of our lives asleep, and even if one has tried to spend days and days without sleep, or sleeping as little as possible, this person has suffered the consequences, and sooner or later, had to sleep.

Have you ever wondered how long a person can go without sleep? Many not only have to ask how has also experimented with this. Let's take a look at this issue and its results.

Days and days without sleep, a bad idea

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The question about how long a human being can stay up is not new, and had long aroused the interest of the curious. Many different sources provided data on the exact amount of time a person can go without sleep, but they all agree on the fact that those who try to stay awake for a long time, had to pay the consequences.

J.Christian Gillin, professor of psychiatry at the University of California in San Diego, held for years numerous research on sleep disorders, chronobiology and humor. The Gillin teacher was asked the famous question and came to a very simple answer: 264 hours, or 11 days without sleep. Apparently, in 1965 a high school student named Randy Gardner, 17, would set the world record for hours without sleep for a work sciences.
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In many other experiments it was found that the participants managed to stay awake 8-10 days. None of the participants suffered from serious medical problems as a result of sleep deprivation, all showed a progressive deficit concentration, motivation and even the perception, among other difficulties in performing mental processes as the hours without sleep increased. It is noteworthy that in all these cases, after a few days and some nights compensating sleep, participants recovered normally.

There are also some stories about war soldiers, especially during World War II, who stayed awake for 4 to 5 days on the battlefield. Finally, some say that the record does not belong to Randy Gardner, but a man who kept waking during 18 days, 21 hours and 40 minutes, almost 19 days without sleep. Although there is no real evidence of this event, they say the man ended up experiencing severe hallucinations, paranoia constant attacks and all kinds of psychomotor problems.

The limits of wakefulness and sleep in humans

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All organisms need to sleep. It is the moment when the senses and motor functions are suspended; where it comes into a state of unconsciousness and muscles remain inactive and this moment is absolutely necessary. This momentary suspension of more complex activities that take place within the body, give the needed rest in order to avoid wear and malfunction of the same. If we do not sleep the body ends up overwhelmed, so to speak.

Of course, people who were sleepless hours during surveys of all appropriate checks and under laboratory conditions did not suffer consequences more than momentary, the damage is more likely under other circumstances.

In other living things, such as the laboratory rats, it was proven that the second week of waking them lose their lives. Sleep problems such as insomnia lethal, must obviously be treated, as many times the damage can be irreparable and even deadly.

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