Rules of etiquette at the table (Part I)

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Know to apply etiquette at the table They are essential to make a good impression. These are visible signs of our customs, and are necessary to make us feel at ease at the table, regardless of the occasion.

Use napkins:

In a restaurant

After sitting down, unfold the napkin and put it in his lap. Do not stir the air. And if you are in a very formal restaurant, wait for the waiter place the napkin on your lap. The napkin should remain on your lap until the end of the meal, and never use it to clean the face, and NEVER to clear the nose.

If you need to get up from the table, fold it loosely, and place the left of the plate, but never leave it on the chair.

At the end of the meal, leave it slightly bent also on the left side of the plate.

A private dinner

The meal begins officially only after the owner of the house or who is promoting the dinner, unfolds the napkin itself. Do the same after. Unfold it completely, and discretely placing it on the lap below. It should also remain in his lap until the meal is finished.

The end of the meal will be when the host put your own napkin on the table. Repeat the gesture.

When to start eating:

You should only start eating after all those on board are served. And if a private dinner, only after the host to start eating.

Use the cutlery:

The first silverware to use is what is farthest from the plate. Ie will use them ever descrecente order toward the plate.

There are two acceptable methods with respect to how secure the silverware. At the American method, the knife is on the right hand and the fork in the left. Every time you cut the food, place the knife on the edge of the plate with the blade facing inward. And then change the fork to the right hand. That's the rule considered imperative: One should never take food to his mouth with his left hand. Keep the left hand, arm or elbow on the table is considered extremely impolite.

You European-style the knife is on the right hand and the fork in the left hand, and in this style rather, it is acceptable to take the food to his mouth with his left hand. While chewing, it should be keep the silverware in the hands, with teeth pointed downward.

If you have the need to drink something, lay the cross knife with a fork on the plate. Every bite (Starter, soup, entree...), The cutlery should be placed next to each dish, and should not be touched again. In this case, the fork is between the plate and the knife, which should be with your teeth into.

At the next post, You know what are the general rules to behave well at the table.

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