Coconut water hydrates and reduces volume of dyed hair. See the mask

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THE coconut water it's the home of the famous trick to leave them soft and revitalized wires. Carolina Dieckmann, Christine Fernandes, Carol Magalhães and newly platinum Isabelle Drummond revealed that use liquid deeply moisturize hair dyed, which is more parched and lifeless due to the chemical process.

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Coconut benefits for the body, skin and hair

The fruit is well known for its beneficial properties. The consumption of coconut water promotes hydration of the body as it replenishes the fluids and minerals that we lose through sweating, which reflects the health of the skin and hair.

Coconut oil also promises miracles to health and beauty. In addition to whiten your teeth, it is a healthier and less caloric substitute other types of oils in the preparation of hot food (not to be eaten raw).

Another utility of the product is the proper hydration of the hair. But according to dermatologist Maria Fernanda Gavazzoni, no point apply coconut oil directly on the wires or even mix it with cream or shampoo, because he, like any vegetable oil, has no grip. The ideal is to invest in masks carrying the component in the formulation.

Blondes Christine Fernandes, Carol Magalhães and Isabelle Drummond are some of the famous applying coconut water on the hair (Credit: Handout / TV Globo and Agnews)

Coconut water on the hair

The coconut water, on the other hand, produces many benefits when applied neat on the wires. Who is the cosmetologist explains Lucienne Souza, the Skin Spa. "Coconut contains many vitamins, in addition to natural oil - fatty acids. The home formula hydration promotes a super-in wires, reduces the volume and brings more flexibility to the wire"Ensures expert.

She claims that the chemically treated hair are the main beneficiaries. "The fruit of the properties are able to regenerate and promote the wire deep hydration"He adds.

home capillary mask with coconut water

After cooled, the coconut turns into a gel (Credit Thinkstock)

Lucienne points out that not just throw the net over the wires or mix it with the shampoo: it is necessary to turn it into a mask. It teaches you how to:


Remove the water from a green coconut (it can not be industrialized) and place in a PET bottle. Leave it in the refrigerator for three days. At this time, the liquid will turn into a gel. Apply to the wire length, saving the root, and leave it for 10 minutes. Rinse and wash as normal following.

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