6 tips for washing mop the machine without ruining their clothes after

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This is a common attitude adopted by our husbands or who we hire to clean the house once in a while: put the rags to beat the machine. The question always remains unanswered: can then wash the clothes to wear smoothly? I have to take some action to sanitize the machine? Get answers.

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Okay, no problem and wash the floor or floor cloths, and carpets in the washing machine, but take some care when you do:

1 Before the mop inside the washer, run a water in the tank to remove the thickest dirt: sand, dust, lint, hair and dust accumulated. This debris can clog and damage the washer.

2. If you want to target the ground cloth, do it in the bucket before: put water in sauce powder and bleach soap.

as wash cloths floor 2ThinkstockPrograme the washing machine for the minimum amount of water and add all at once wipes

3. To join minimum amount of parts to justify turning on the washer, add all cleaning cloths, floor mats, wash cloths to remove dust, soak in the bucket and put together in the washer to hit.

4. Adjust the water level for the minimum possible and the cycle for just a quick wash with rinse.

5. Avoid washing rags with vomit, feces, urine inside the washer. At least, well before removing any residual dirt.

6 Only wash rags on the machine if not wash newborn clothes or underwear too, in a short time.

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